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Design Prospectus: The Brad Stephenson Blog

Published / by dalton798

A little late on this post, but here is my design prospectus for my final project. Log Line: An investigative journalist investigates a mystery in the small town of St. Agatha, Maine. As the story progresses he finds himself being pulled deeper into the depths of the mystery. Intro to story in blog form inside … Continue reading Design Prospectus: The Brad Stephenson Blog

The Colosseum: Pregame Information

Published / by Beelzebub's_Corner

Podcast The Colosseum Twine Game ARG PDF Authors note For my project I have created a demo for the pre-game course my ARG, The Colosseum, would take. While this is not an exact representation of the real ARG and how it would be produced, this demo should show the direction with which the ARG … Continue reading The Colosseum: Pregame Information

The Colosseum Arg design doc Check list

Published / by Beelzebub's_Corner

To Do list: Prepare a tentative document that explains the (Completed by May 1st) premise characters puzzles story plot itinerary Design the pregame elements to showcase as final project (Completed by May 10th) A podcast A short intro for The Colosseum twine game Two Snap chat accounts A youtube video with the snapchat codes separated … Continue reading The Colosseum Arg design doc Check list