First Online Meeting

    Hi there, folks! Ready for our first remote meeting? 🙂 Below is the invite for today’s session – I may create a recurring one later, but I wanted to do this separately in case we change things around today.There is a password for this session; I sent it to each of you via your AC email. …

    Some Social Media Stories

    First, take a look at “Wikihistory” by Desmond Warzel. It’s very short, and is presented as a log of a forum thread rather than a literal series of posts, but it captures the idea really well. Then, browse the first few posts of one of the following blogs: She’s a Flight Risk Project 1968 Small …

    The Semester Begins

    This site will serve as the central hub for the Austin College Media Studies spring 2020 course, Digital Networked Narratives, facilitated by Brett Boessen. Important materials for the course, including student work, will be posted here.