Author’s Statement + Pings

    My project…did not turn out how I wanted it to. My vision was a digital narrative centered in a blog format that danced into ARG territory through links to both real and staged events. The narrative would be about a family trying to find, then rescue their missing son from this creepy academy that’s super […]

    Project Submission: Missing Ben Fisher

    Hi everyone! 🙂 Here’s a link to my final project. It’s a story based on WordPress with some mystery and some magic, and perhaps a twine game or two. I definitely could do way better if I had more time. My writing is not exactly prize-winning, and there were a lot of ideas that […]

    Project progress update

    Hi everyone! So here is the site that I’ve created with a few posts (It only has 3 short ones right now). I think I need to remake it because I forgot wordpress still lists me (sammarsh account name) as the author which is a little immersion breaking! Here it is if you want […]

    Design Doc 2? Magic school edition

    Hi everyone…It is me, once again. So, this is the map of story beats for the idea I had about an epistolary story centering around the parents’ perspective of a Harry Potter-magical-school story. Sorry, that is a bit small and hard to read. But that’s the general gist of what I have. Things I’m still […]

    Digital Story: Keys, please

    Hi DNN! So, this is my submission for the Digital Story assignment. I wanted to use the Digital Story type of video to create a creepy mood, even if my story ended up a little cheesy. I’ve watched tons of videos about “True Horror Stories” on Youtube, and they’ve always been super cheesy but also […]

    Design Document

    Hi Dr. Boessen and DNN! Here is my Design Document for my final project. (I’m not super satisfied with it–I kind of want to take it in a magical school angle as I think that would be really fun. So this is very subject to change.) Logline: While searching for clues about their missing son, […]

    Critical Review: The Dionaea House

    So, this particular story was referenced in Alexander’s book. What he said really intrigued me, and this was an excuse to check it out for myself. Dionaea House tells the story of primarily Mark and Eric, two long-time friends, though more characters perspectives’ appear and are explored throughout the story. The beginning sets up that […]

    Echo Rose: Critical Review

    Echo Rose is ARG that combines elements of comedy and supernatural horror to explore a mystery that’s lurking in the fictional town of Nettlebrook. I think Echo Rose caters to a younger audience for a few specific reasons. The first is the style in which the story is largely presented: vlogs! Echo Rose, the main […]

    Ideas Ideas Ideas

    Hi everyone! I’ve been feeling kind of yucky this week so I unfortunately haven’t been able to finish anything. I still wanted to share my ideas for projects both to let you all know what I’m going to be working on, and give myself a little outline to project my progress onto Critical Review: Echo […]

    Remix: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Screams

    Wow, what a masterpiece. In all seriousness, there are a lot of things I could have potentially executed better. Before I get into that though, allow me to talk a little bit about the texts I remixed. For my video, I went the route of the given example video “Shining” (The remix of “The Shining […]