Final Project – Crenshaw County

    Link to the game/ARG/terminal Link to the design doc So, to say the least, I didn’t get this developed nearly as far as I wanted to. I think I started on something big later than I should have and all of my classes caught up to me. Ideally, this would be a whole big ARG […]

    Fail Badge – My Procrastination

    This isn’t so much a fail on anything specific as it is just carrying out projects as a whole. As we arrive here the end of the semester, I’ve found myself in the same position I usually do with my media courses: on the last day of the semester, submitting whatever I can to the […]

    Critical Review – The Midnight Gospel

    Where discussion of what’s real meets the surreal. Quite fittingly released on 4/20 this year, The Midnight Gospel has proven to be one of the more weird and out there productions by Netflix. A co-effort by comedian and podcast host Duncan Trussell and Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, this show takes place in an alternate […]

    The Archives – Digital Story

    For my digital story project, I wanted to make something that was a bit out there and a bit weird. This is the story of Bob, an employee worn out by his cubicle life, who’s asked to get something from the company’s archive room. While this doesn’t really feature a consistent narration, there’s a clear […]

    Project Proposal: Crenshaw County

    What is the nature of the concept? In August of 1993, a boy vanished in Crenshaw County overnight. Years later, you receive a mysterious note telling you that things might not be as they seem and begin your investigation into the case. Note: This is not set in a real/existing Crenshaw County, though bits may […]

    Search Story – How To Fight a Bully

    Before starting, yes, this is under the 90 second time limit. I feel like this is a concise and tight enough story with the time length. However, if it must be over 90 seconds, then I’m open to suggestions on where to go from here. In coming up with it, I definitely wanted to go […]

    GIF and Portfolio Update: 2/19/20

    Here’s my GIF project submission for this week. Heads up, there are some spoilers ahead. This is from the final scene in Whiplash, including the final shot. I chose this because, firstly Whiplash is probably my favorite movie right now. But also, I think this scene is the perfect climax and high point the movie […]

    Student-Designed Proposal: Audio Narrative

    This is a draft proposal for a new assignment – please give feedback in the comments or in class! (15 pts, x1 max) Description: For this assignment, you will create a short piece of narrative fiction based entirely in recorded audio and edited sound. This can either be objective, like a radio serial, or from […]