AC Digital Networked Narratives 2020

There's more than one way to tell a story.

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Link to Final Project Video and Author’s Statement

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Here’s the link to the final project that I made:

Author’s Statement: For this project two of the themes that I have incorporated to this project would be personal presence, as the story establishes on building upon details about the main character Siren and explaining her existence through a first person point of view. I also incorporated on the theme of platform affordances since I pretty much whatever technology that I could use to bring this attempt at the final project into fruition. There were some issues in executing in how this project would turn out but eventually there is a product involved. I hope that my audience would be more interested in the story so it can develop even more. I don’t think there are other pieces similar to the one that I’ve made. This video heavily takes in the most traditional method of storytelling in a digital sense.

Project Proposal for DNN

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So I’ve made the mistake of not posting a project proposal so I will post it here:

The title for this project will be called Sirene. The story focuses on the titular character who goes by the name Sirene (prounounced Siren) who woke up in an unfamiliar place. One thing that you need to know about her is that she is not a human, even though she is not aware of that fact. She woke up in a parallel universe different than the one that she is used to. In this universe she encounters a seemingly normal world but in this world she encounters powerful creatures that live in the forest, some of which are extremely dangerous and hostile toward humans. These creatures are nothing like the ones that exist in our world. She needs to find her way back to the world that she originally came from, but as the story progresses on she needs to deal with a hostile and dangerous world where everything and anything is against her favor, particularly an evil entity that takes in the form of a parasite that can possess any living creature, regardless of what creature it is.

            The audience would be geared towards anyone 13 and older, it’s not specific towards a niche group. For the media component, there may be audio and video recordings involved in this project as well as an interactive website that may be designed during the process of this project.

The Annoying Hypochondriac

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Author’s Statement: For this assignment I decided to create a short video using google search terms and some live footage as well telling a short comedic story about a person going through a common problem that most young people have, which is how people get extremely worried about their very minor symptoms and make themselves to believe that they have a terrible sickness when they actually don’t and in reality are just being extremely paranoid about their mundane symptoms. A person who acts like this is called a hypochondriac which is something that many people find to be an extremely annoying characteristic to have. The search terms seem to be more random than they actually are but in reality as normally functioning people we often use search terms that are random at times, so you can see how the story progresses from the person simply thinking they have anxiety to something that is much, much worse at which they then find a stopping point and decided to get up from their office chair to do something else less stressful. So the story is a bit more broad than it usually is for a google search story.

Diving Into Digital Networking Narratives: Animation Analysis of Hellbenders

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OneyNG had a strong reputation in the online animation community for his fluid yet unusual and hilarious animations that center around his dark and morbid sense of humor. Unfortunately due to YouTube’s content policies that have become even more restricted and tyrannical these past few years, Oney had not been uploading any of his animations to his YouTube channel anymore and yet he still has a fanbase.

Chris and Zach from the Hellbenders.

OneyNG had collaborated with another animator in the past named PsychicPebbles to work on the short animated series called “Hellbenders”. It is easy to see why the “Hellbenders” had been a success because it has a fluid animation that displayed that OneyNG is strong in his animation skill as well as PsychicPebbles.

But not only is the animation very well done, the short series were also very funny and center around a very dark sense of humor. The short series also demonstrated a strength in the quality of the voice acting. The characters Chris and Zach had very awkward, dumb sounding yet still professionally done voices that make them hilarious and likable characters.

From the strong quality of the production of the short animated series as well as the dark humor it is easy to see why this series has proven to be successful. The animated series didn’t exactly cater to a very specific audience but that is also one of the reasons why it is successful. Films and other forms of pop culture that only cater to a very specific, niche audience hadn’t always been successful since they didn’t get much exposure due to their unpopularity. The fact that this animated series clearly doesn’t have a specific audience in mind is one of the reasons why it is so successful. This kind of content is easily accessible as content in online video format is pretty much easily accessible and tangible these days. Literally anyone knows how to use YouTube. Video games and comic books on the other hand aren’t as accessible and have very niche audiences, which makes them a lot less successful than more tangible forms of media, including movies, animated and live-action.

The information surrounding this can be found in the text below: