Boomer Search Story

    Here is a link to the search story I created. My goals with this search story were to create a humorous and feel good story about an older father trying to connect with his teenage sons. The inspiration for this story came from a Tik Tok that I had watched and which I included part … Continue reading Boomer Search Story

    Ash Vlogs

    Ash Vlogs is a very creative, unique, and well put together alternate reality game (ARG) that was put together starting in 2018, and has continued to this day. Without giving away too many spoilers the story revolves around a young woman named “Ash” who has recently started a Youtube channel to vlog about her seemingly … Continue reading Ash Vlogs

    Fail Badge

    It pains me to be writing this blog post, however it must be done. I like to think of myself as being successful at most things in life, however with every success there must always be failure. However, failure is not always a bad thing. In fact, failure is a very good thing and overall … Continue reading Fail Badge

    Project Proposal

    What is the nature of the concept? An investigative journalist uses social media and the internet to track down members of a local cult. The more he delves into the situation the more he learns and the darker the search for the truth gets. Who is the audience for the story? Because I believe that … Continue reading Project Proposal

    GIF Assignment

    For my GIF assignment I chose to make a GIF from one of my favorite movies of all time, The Breakfast Club. This GIF perfectly encapsulates one of the key scene in the movie. This film is about a group of students at a high school who are all in detention for different reasons and … Continue reading GIF Assignment


    On April 30, 2018 a Twitter account by @TheSunVanished tweeted out a series of tweets that would start an incredibly compelling and interesting online ARG and social media story that would last for years to come. It all started with one simple tweet “Help.” Followed by “It’s late in the morning and still dark outside.” … Continue reading @TheSunVanished